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Fees and Cost Matrix 11.12.2016

Crowdlending Loans Individual Businesses Note
Borrowers Listing Fee 50 800* 50%* refund if not listed on the platform (Must be paid before loan request is processed) CHF
Borrowers Loan Service Fee 0.75 1 (% per year) Minimum fee: 50/300 CHF
Lenders Loan Service Fee 0.4 0.4 (% per year) Minimum fee: 3/3 CHF
Maximum Interest Rate 10 User defined (% set by borrower whole number and 0.5s)
Minimum Loan Amount 5000 25,000 CHF
Maximum Loan Amount 250,000 500,000 CHF (multiples of 100s)
Minimum Loan Duration 1 1 Month
Maximum Loan Duration 60 60 Months
Penalty First Reminder 10 100 CHF
Penalty Second Reminder 25 250 CHF
Secondary Selling Market Crowdlending  Individual Loan Businesses Loan  
Sell Loan Service Fee 1 1 (% lender to lender) Minimum fee: 10/25 CHF
Buy Loan Service Fee 1 1 (% lender to lender) Minimum fee: 10/25 CHF
Loan parts can be sold at cost, premium price, flat rate or % discount of its cost value
Autoinvest Crowdlending Individual Businesses  
Setup and use of Autoinvest-Function Bid Fee Bid Fee  
An autoinvest bid is the same as bidding on the website directly and as such, is subject to the same fees, terms and conditions.