A 100% Natural Body & Skincare brand expanding to key European markets

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https://puru.ch History:

The PURU journey officially begun in 2018 and PURU was founded as company in January 2019. Before this the two founders have been evangelising good health and making their own home-made natural products for many years.

With a rich background in natural health we set out to establish a long-term sustainable brand with the core values of health, nature, environment, trust and beauty.

PURU are growing fast and their products have recently been featured in Vogue and Glamour magazines.


PURU has developed over 20 product types in just over 1 year with many more in the development pipeline. PURU’s best selling product is their 100% Natural Sunscreens which contain no more than 7 ingredients. There is no other sunscreen product even close in terms of natural ingredients within Switzerland and our main European markets. The quality sunscreen are products also receive outstanding customer reviews as seen here: https://puru.ch/reviews/


PURU will offer a basket of products worth up to 200CHF for each investment over CHF5,000.

1x 100% Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen 100ml
1x 100% Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen 100ml
1x 100% Natural FRUTEE Deodorant
1x 100% Natural LIMONESH Deodorant
1x 100% Natural ROSE Body Butter
1x 100% Natural LAVENDER Body Butter
3 x 100% Natural Lip Balm
1x 100% Natural Foot Balm

+ Free samples

Funding plan:

- Increase strategic marketing spend to capture more demand in key European markets
- Accelerate the speed of development and innovation of new unique sun and skin care products
- Increase awareness and engagement on social media
- Expand existing product ranges e.g sun stick and deodorant stick
- Launch new innovative sustainable packaging made from 100% Sugar Cane
- Transition website to new global domain www.puru.swiss
- Sponsor strategic events
- Expand to English speaking Asian markets (e.g. Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines etc)


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