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Who is eligible to apply for an Crowdfactoring loan?

Only available to Businesses registered in Switzerland.

How often can I apply for an Crowdfactoring loan on the 3CF platform?

Businesses can apply for both Crowdlending and Crowdfactoring loans multiple times and have several loans running simultaneously.

Can I remain anonymous on the 3circlefunding platform for Crowdfactoring loans?

Personal details will only be available to registered borrowers and lenders on the Loan Agreement Contract/Accession Agreement. This information will never be made public on the platform. Businesses’, for transparency reasons cannot remain anonymous to registered users on the platform.

Can the users on the platform communicate with each other?

Yes, registered members can publicly contact each other before and during the bidding process on the platform. After the loan bidding has closed, communication between members is only possible by private contact via their respective dashboard.

How is the credit rating formulated for the Offerer of the Crowdfactoring loan and the debtor?

3CF analyses information provided from 3 credit checks agencies (Creditreform, Bisnode and Delta Vista). This information, together with other personal and business details, enables 3CF to formulate and assign an indicative credit rating concerning Crowdfactoring loan applications for both the offerer and debtor. 

Is there a minimum/maximum duration for the Crowdfactoring loan?

The duration to settle the Crowdfactoring loan takes place between 1 to 4 months.

Who determines the Crowdfactoring discount rate?

The business applicants themselves.

Whats is Form K?

Business uers (borrowers and lenders) must electronically sign and date (via the dashboard) the Form K - Establishing of the controlling person of operating legal entities and partnerships both not quoted on the stock exchange. This form authorises 3CF to accept the funds after close of bidding and exchange of contracts.

What are the advantages of a Crowdfactoring borrowing with 3CF?

  • Alternative social funding channel
  • Facility to set your own loan parameters
  • Provide indicative credit rating to attract investors on the 3CF platform
  • Provision and electronic signature of contract templates and contract exchange
  • Receipt, collection and distribution of loan settlement to lenders

What are the advantages of funding a Crowdfactoring loan with 3CF?

  • Transparency to invest in a business that is not anonymous
  • Provide identification and verification of all authorised Crowdfactoring business borrowers and assign an indicative credit rating to both offerer and debtor
  • ‘1st come-1st served’ - fund what you see on the platform 
  • Opportunity to invest in multiple Crowdfactoring loans at the same time or multiple times in a single loan
  • Autoinvest (automatic bidding)
  • Secondary Selling Market (buy and sell Crowdfactoring loan parts)
  • Provision and electronic signature of contract templates and contract exchange
  • Management and apportionment of settlement payment to investors

Are the Crowdfactoring loans guaranteed?

No. These loans are offered against an unsettled and unsecured invoice (receivable).

What happens if a Crowdfactoring loan request on the 3CF platform is not 100% funded?

The Crowdfactoring loan request will be deleted from the platform and the borrower is more than welcome to apply again.

What happens if a party does not sign the Crowdfactoring Loan agreement Contract?

All parties must sign the Crowdfactoring Loan Agreement contracts within the requested time limits. If one or more of the involved parties does not sign the Crowdfactoring Loan Agreement contract on time, the contract becomes null and void. Thereafter, the loan will be published again 3CF platform, this reposting attracts no fees.

What happens in the event that a lender does not deposit the funds to back their respective Crowdfactoring bid?

All lenders must honour their respective bids by depositing the required funds in a timely manner in the 3CF escrow account. If one or more lenders fail to deposit the required funds, all Crowdfactoring loan agreement contracts will become invalid – null and void. In this event, all deposited funds will be returned to the originating lenders within 3-5 working days from the voiding of the contract. In this instance, the Crowdfactoring loan will be reposted on the 3CF platform at no extra charge to the borrower.

When is the 3CF Crowdfactoring service fee payable by the borrower?

The entire service fee is deducted from the Crowdfactoring loan amount before the payment is made to the borrower.

When is the 3CF Crowdfactoring service fee payable by the lenders?

The entire service fee is payable together with the payment for the lender’s respective Crowdfactoring loan bid.

How is the Crowdfactoring single settlement repayment by the borrower handled by 3CF?

The repayment is deposited by the borrower in the 3CF escrow account. Thereafter, 3CF apportions the respective payment amounts to the appropriate lenders.

Can I pay my Crowdfactoring loan back earlier than scheduled?

Yes, early settlement is possible. The whole remaining outstanding loan amount (Settlement amount) can be paid back before the end of the loan term. 3CF does not charge for this service.

What happens if a borrower fails to make the Crowdfactoring Settlement payment on time?

3CF will remind the Crowdfactoring borrower of their respective obligations under the Terms and Conditions. 3CF will send the borrower two reminders and inform the lender if the borrower has failed to make the payment. 3CF will endeavour to get the settlement payment paid without delay.

What is the Crowdfactoring Secondary Market?

Secondary Selling Market is where registered lenders can sell their Crowdfactoring loan parts to other registered lenders on the platform to free up their illiquid loans if the need arises. The Secondary Selling Market is open to registered lenders (both individuals and businesses) who would like to buy Crowdfactoring loan parts from other registered lenders (additionally from both individuals and businesses). Secondary Selling Market enables lenders to sell their loan part, either at cost rate, premium rate, flat fee or at a % discount rate.

Can a lender always sell their Crowdfactoring loan part?

Yes. For processing reasons, the lender cannot sell their Crowdfactoring loan part less than 10 days before the settlement date.

What is Autoinvest for Crowdfactoring?

Autoinvest enables registered lenders to set-up and automatically fund loans with predefined buying criteria. Autoinvest is open to both individuals and businesses enabling them to invest in Crowdfactoring loans posted on the website.