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Who can register a crowdfunding campaign?

  • Individuals who are resident in Switzerland and at least 18 years of age.
  • Businesses registered in Switzerland.

What does 3CF offer to Crowdfunding Campaign Creators?

  • Ability to set your own funding range (from - to) and over or under fund their campaign within a finite period
  • Possibility to extend the funding duration if justified
  • A platform for campaign creators to offer gifts or rewards known as 'perks' to donors who pledge funds towards the campaign
  • Use social media to spread the word and increase awareness of your campaign

What 3CF Offer to Crowdfunding Donators?

  • Ability to support people and their projects ranging from start-ups, causes, enterprises and creative activities
  • A platform to review innovative, new or prototype projects, in return for gifts or perks for pledges made towards a campaign
  • Pledge donations to multiple campaigns at the same time or multiple times to individual campaigns
  • Join a community of backers who have the same commitment, drive and passions about a campaign
  • Use social media to promote your chosen campaign

Can I remain anonymous on the 3circlefunding for Crowdfunding campaigns?

Crowdfunding supporters, both individuals and businesses can remain anonymous on the platform, but anonymous supporters will waive their right to receive a 'perk'. Crowdfunding Campaign creators, whether individuals or businesses, cannot remain anonymous.

Can the users on the platform communicate with each other for crowdfunding campaigns?

Yes, registered members can publicly contact each other before and during the pledge process on the platform. After the donation period has closed, communication between members is only possible by private contact via their respective dashboard.

Can I link my crowdfunding campaign to social media?

Yes, linking to Facebook, YouTube etc. is possible by embedding on your campaign posting.

Is there a minimum/maximum amount of funding request for a crowdfunding campaign?

No, there is no minimum/maximum funding amount for a crowdfunding campaign.

Is there a minimum/maximum range of funding request for a crowdfunding campaign?

No. Although an unreasonable spread may not be the best way to attract donations.

What happens if a Crowdfunding campaign does not reach 100% funding goal?

Campaigns can be partially, fully or over funded. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the 3CF management to release the funds to the campaign creator where significant underfunding occurs. With insignificant funding, the pledges will be returned to the originating donors with 3-5 working days.

Can the duration of a crowdfunding campaign be extended?

Yes, an extension to the duration is possible but entirely at the discretion of the 3CF management. This must be done 3 days before the end of the campaign period.

What are perks?

A perk is simply an agreed reward given to the donors in return for their pledged donations and support.

Who is responsible for the delivery of the perks to the campaign donors?

The obligation for the provision and delivery of campaign perks is solely the responsibility of the Campaign creator. Therefore, 3CF is not accountable in any way, shape or form if the campaign creator does not honour their respective obligations concerning perks.