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Maria Corlett

Maria Corlett

3circlefunding GmbH 

Joining 3circlefunding at the pre-launch phase, Maria has undertaken the role of operational management, quality and control. Day-to-day responsibilities include the handling of the operational products and services from a procedural perspective. Responsible for end-to-end compliance of members’ obligations and for the verification and authorisation of contractual data. Maria’s operational area also covers training and development.

Business Career

With an underwriting background in the re-insurance industry focusing on contractual administration and liaising with external service providers, Maria has an attention to detail and operational organisation.

Academic Background

Holding a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics – Maria specialises in structural and organisational issues.

Personal Life

Maria is married, has three sons and has interests covering travel, yoga and pilates. Enjoys reading and spending time with her family.