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Terms & Conditions

A. Users Identification and Verification

  1. The campaign creator is legally required to be identified by uploading a valid signed and dated copy of their Swiss passport/Swiss Id-Card or a Swiss Residence Permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) that covers the duration of the campaign period. This information is mandatory and will be verified by 3CF. (This copy will be kept private and confidential.)
  2. By registering for a campaign, you must accept and abide by 3CF Terms and Conditions. 

B. Campaign Funding

  1. Campaigns can be partially, fully or over funded. Campaigns attract a flat fee of 5% of pledged total raised funds, which is deducted in favour of 3CF, before funds are released and forwarded to the crowdfunding campaign creator.
  2. 3CF will decide at its discretion, as to whether or not to release funds to a campaign creator if the campaign is underfunded (has not reached 100% of the amount requested).
  3. Time extensions to further fund campaigns are available at 3CF’s discretion and are open to over, under or fully funded campaigns. This can be done either by sending e-mail request to or via the ‘Contact Us’ on the 3CF homepage.

C. Crowdfunding Campaign Creators’ Fees

  1. Registering and posting a campaign is free. Campaigns can be funded with donors’ pledges to 100% of the required amount or be overfunded. 
  2. 3CF will decide at its discretion, as to whether or not to release funds to a campaign creator if the campaign is underfunded (has not reached 100% of the amount requested). 
  3. Any funds released will be subject to a deduction of 5% of the total amount in favour of 3CF. 
  4. At all times, third party fees, as well as fees for money transfer and bank charges, are carried by the registered members and are not covered by 3CF.

D. Crowdfunding Campaign Donors’ Fees

Registering and funding a campaign is free. 

E. Campaign Creator

  1. It is the responsibility of the campaign creator to check donations on a regular basis.
  2. The campaign creator(s) membership is solely for their own personal use and the information posted via their dashboard must not infringe on or violate third party copy write, trademarks or publications (when using video, text or images). All materials used must be explicitly acknowledged to the rightful owner.
  3. Crowdfunding campaign creators, whether individuals or businesses, cannot remain anonymous.

F. Campaign Donors

  1. Donors can pledge funds towards part or all of the initiative and in single or multiple instalments.
  2. Payment of pledges is only requested once the funding period has expired. If significant funds are not raised for the campaign, the campaign will be cancelled.
  3. It is the responsibility of a campaign donor to check on the campaign progress on a regular basis.
  4. Crowdfunding donors, both individuals and businesses, can remain anonymous on the platform by clicking ‘No Perk’ on the donation panel (waive their rights to receive a ‘perk’) as their respective details will not be passed on to the Campaign creator – hence no deliver of a perk! (3CF is not responsible for the fulfilment of promised perks.)

G. Obligations of Campaign Creator

1.    The campaign creator must honour both the realisation of the initiative and deliver the perks/rewards afforded to the donors by previous agreement. 

H. Non-compliance of Legal and Trademark Obligations

  1. For infringement of these Terms and Conditions, 3CF explicitly reserves the right to take legal action as and when warranted;
  2. For infringement of trademarks, copyright or intellectual property rights, 3CF reserves the right to delete the offending item, lock, and block or delete a registered member’s membership temporarily or indefinitely when in breach of these obligations.

I. Risks

  1. Funding of crowdfunding campaigns are entirely at the donors’ own risk assessment. 3CF cannot be held responsible for the provision of rewards/perks, campaigns coming to fruition within a specified period or failing completely. Donors will not have any involvement or influence concerning the campaign.
  2. Regular progress updates via the news tab on campaign details are the only agreed obligation from the crowdfunding campaign creator.