Credit for various purposes

Credit Rating:
Loan Duration:
27 Months
Loan Amount:
CHF 5,000.00

Loan details

The credit is intended to pay the taxes of 2019, and to pay for the medical operation of a family member.

  • Loan Request ID : TCF0139
  • Bidding Ends : 31-12-2020
  • Bidding Time : 32 days 8 hours
Loan AmountLoan Interest Loan Credit Rating Interest OnlyLoan Duration
CHF 5,000.007.90% A0 Months27 Months
  • Borrower Username: Brunosousa
  • Borrower Nationality: PT
  • Birth Year: 1979
Marital StatusJoint IncomeNr. of dependent childrenEmployment TypeJob Title
married No 1 Permanent strassenbauer
  • Previous Loans Completed with 3CF 0
  • Previous Repayments Total 0
RepaymentsOn Time>30 Days>5 Days<5 Days
  • Total Bids
  • Percentage Reached % 0.0
  • Amount Left CHF 5,000.00
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32 days 8 hours Left

Bidding Ends
Amount Left
CHF 5,000

Bid Amount

Bid amount should be greater than or equal to 1,000 CHF and less than or equal to 5,000

Lending to Individual

CHF 5,000

Total Gain (potential)

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