Invoice for goods sold

Settlement Amount
CHF 34,500.00
Advancement Amount
CHF 33,982.00
Discount Rate
Credit Rating
A+ / A
Settled in
2 Months

Loan details

Funding for future trade deal

  • Loan Request ID : TCFIO0010
  • Bidding Ends : 26-06-2019
  • Bidding Time : 9 days 23 hours
Settlement Amount Advancement Amount Discount RateCredit Rating Offerer/DebtorSettled in
CHF 34,500.00CHF 33,982.001.50%A+ / A2 Months
  • Borrower Username: Rheaduffy
  • In Handelsregister: Yes
  • Audited: Yes
Start-UpDate of IncorporationIndustrial Sector
No 09-11-2004 Materials
  • Previous Loans Completed with 3CF 0
  • Previous Repayments Total 0
RepaymentsOn Time>30 Days>5 Days<5 Days
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9 days 23 hours Left

Bidding Ends
Amount Left
CHF 33,982

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Bid amount should be greater than or equal to 1,000 CHF and less than or equal to 33,982

Funding a Business

CHF 33,982

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