Three ways to access finance

Take control of your finances and borrow money on your own terms

Personal Loan (Crowdlending)

Get a personal loan and choose your interest and duration.

Business Loan (Crowdlending)

Get a business loan and choose your interest and duration. Offer perks for faster funding.

Pre-Finance Invoices (Crowdfactoring)

Pre-finance your open invoices and improve cashflow.

Which service is right for you?

Private Loan


Business Loan




You set the Loan Interest Rate
You set the Invoice Discount Rate
Credit Check Required
Online-Exchange of Loan Contracts
Borrow and Pay Interest
Joint Income Loans Available
Interest Only Period
Loan Duration: 6 - 60 Months
Loan Duration: 1 - 4 Months
Early Loan Repayment Possible
Funding 10K-1M CHF

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