Women in Investing

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Looking at our statistics

We recently went over our lender data and discovered that just 20% of our lenders are female. Naturally, we investigated what the situation in finance is generally and more specifically if, on other Crowdfinancing platforms, it looked similar.

Women invest in lower-risk, long-term securities and cases

We came across a few interesting facts and figures. Did you know that studies have shown that women are better at investing than men? This fact was surprising for us too. The studies reveal that women tend to invest in lower-risk securities. Furthermore, they take the long view, which increases their investment performance over the long run. Additionally, according to a study by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, it was interesting to note that 93% of high net worth women donate to charity, both financially and with time.

There are women investors online

With these findings, it’s hard to believe that such few women are actively investing their money. However, there is hope that things are changing. We found several organisations, women and groups who have opened businesses to support and encourage women to start investing and taking charge of their finances. One of them is Invest Like Aysha (www.investlikeaysha.com). We recommend following her blog to learn about investing. We like her approach to gender equality and the friendly and helpful personality she brings to the topic while also being factual and realistic.

Are women better investors than men?

What does this mean for 3CF?

We encourage women like you to take charge of your financial future. One of the easiest ways we know is crowdlending. While taking charge of your finances, you can support people in your community. We have seen this to be a win-win-win situation. The investor wins by earning interest, the person needing money gets access to capital and society at large benefits from a more vibrant community. The societal benefits are especially true, for investments made into small and medium-sized businesses like The International Beer Bar, Simplyfine and The British Cheese Centre.

We want to tackle this topic more in-depth and will be releasing two interviews with our female investors. These interviews will be posted in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in investing with 3CF, please see the opportunities currently available by clicking here.

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